Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Katie

We celebrated last night with dinner at the Jolly Drayman in Bethel. Mike and I went last January 7th on my birthday, so it's becoming a tradition...
We even sat in the same spot.

We started with drinks, so my step son, Neil, got his usual root beer. He joked that it looked like a beer and I agreed. Like a stout. We were sans Lea because she decided to play Friday Night Magic at her mom and step dad's game store. Had she joined us, she probably would have had a coke.

Our waitress took this shot.
My hair looks oddly short because it's tucked in my turtle neck...I've been known to play around like this before I have it chopped off. I'm almost 40 (*gulp*), so it's probably going to happen in the next year.

Although we missed Lea, it was a wonderful evening. Looking around the table I felt connected to the people sitting with me.


rach :) said...

And that is a very good feeling.

ChiTown Girl said...

Yeah, what Rach said! ;-)

Happy Birthday!