Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday means...

a little prep and planning for my first graders. I look forward to the returning to the routine. I'm rested and ready... Although I'm dragging my feet on my plan-book, I will get it done before bedtime. My husband (who teaches high school) certainly has more correcting and grading than I do, but I think elementary school teachers have more pressure to maintain up to date plan books. At times, it's annoying.

So in the spirit of avoiding plan books... my's well do laundry...The machine is running and a couple loads have been folded. Outfits are arranged (I love doing that!) and now I'm resisting the urge to make my lunch at half time of the Patriots game we're watching. They're playing Miami and up by twenty four.

Off and on I've also been using and loving my Rosetta Stone (french), which I received as an early birthday gift. (Thanks Mike!) It takes a level of concentration I'm adjusting to.

It's a cloudy day here and the snow is melting with the temperatures hovering around forty- three degrees.

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Amity said...

More pressure, perhaps--but I survive on endless to do lists myself, which is just a plan book in disguise.

Happy New Year :)