Friday, July 23, 2010

Cheers & Jeers

A local newspaper features a semi-regular editorial piece called Cheers & Jeers.

This is my version.

Cheers to Brian's Bistro. They have a tasty buffalo chicken mac & cheese that I would request as my last meal. The zest from the creamy buffalo sauce permeates the whole dish in such a yummy way.

Jeers to japanese beetles. They munch plants all over our yard and effortlessly procreate. I flick them off plants, yet our rose hips are a shell of what they're supposed to be.

Cheers to my husband for returning from Bowdoin for the weekend. I've missed him!

Jeers to a kitty (Daisy) who scratched on my door at 4:45 this morning.
Jeers to me and my soft heart. (I opened the door.)
Jeers to another kitty (Mr. Purry Pants) who tussled on the bed with his sister.
Cheers for the basement where kitties are banished for a couple hours so mom can make up for lost sleep.

Cheers for our tomatoes that are ready to pop. Soon we will be making whatever recipes we can with all our tasty tomatoes. Get ready friends!

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rach :) said...

We are ready. Oh yes, we are ready...