Saturday, July 31, 2010

Celebrating July

There are many things that made July memorable.

1. The weather was seasonably warm and sunny. And while it rained occasionally, it wasn't continuous and unrelenting like last year.

2. Mike and I traveled to Montreal to see my niece Frances (& her parents). Becoming an aunt is a wonderful thing. I have much gratitude that Eileen and Amos live four/five hours from our home. Seeing Frances-doodle grow and change has been fascinating.

3. Our garden is doing well. Although our pumpkins, squash, and zucchini have some sort of blight or fungus, it's still entertaining to watch our garden grow and produce little vegetables. Our lettuce, peas, peppers, and tomatoes are the rock stars this year.

4. We've been to OOB, to spend time at my family's cottage a couple times. We've seen various relatives and the weather has cooperated. I am pleased to report that the roof was patched up and the place doesn't appear to be leaning quite as much. A house built in 1910 will do that, you know.

5. My step son and I have walked down town and had lunch at Doug's Dogs, slurped slushies, swam in the surf, played with a new (actually used) remote control train set I bought for my first graders, visited an arcade and won some tickets, played on my school's playground, and walked & scootered around the track. His sister has spent much of the summer with her friends, so while we would have loved her company, I am glad Neil and I had some fun.

6. My husband and I celebrated our third anniversary. With our struggles to create a mini me & him, he's been my anchor. I'm thankful for his insight, humor, and prospective. Love you 'til the kitchen sinks.

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