Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Madness Without The Anger

Today is...

*sunny. Lately, by the afternoon, we see more of the lawn than we did in the morning. The melt is a first step and the mid forties will do that for you. (Fifties in the sun!)

*the day we turned off the heat (at least until sunset) and opened the kitchen door to the porch where I read my Good Housekeeping, and fell asleep. I love the porch and 3/4 seasons I use it as an alternative to the living room. It's quiet and catches the mid day sun. Mr. Purry Pants slept on my legs and Daisy hung around too without any growling.

*the day after an annual pizza and wine tasting party we've been attending for years. It was great fun seeing our friends although we missed seeing our close friends, Kelli and Ryan.

*the day when the plants around our foundation are sprouting their green little stems. We're talking about expanding our vegetable garden, but the perennials are the beginning.

*spring-like and as good of time as any to get some exercise. (Alas, it's time to get back in shape.)

*a day when the laundry may stay in the basement. Eight loads can wait to be folded. I'll put together an outfit, ready the coffee, and make my lunch. All will be good.

*a week from daylight savings. I'll miss the morning light, but it'll be nice to have it on the flip side too.


rach :) said...

My walk felt good too... except now my foot is screaming at me. I'm ignoring it, because it's suggesting surgery, and no one plans surgery on a day like today :)

Katie said...

Yeah, I'm with you. Hence, we didn't fold laundry.