Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Weekend...

Busy. Rainy. Fun. (Maybe we'll add some sun soon too...)

For my first bit of news..

It's official; we're the proud new owners of  "Tipsy".
He's furthest to the left. Look at his cute little ears. (Hence his name.)
It'll be a week or two before he's old enough to come home with us, but we're getting ready. 

Second on my list of  news worthy items...

There are only 2.5 days left of school.
I honestly don't know where the time went. 
I'll miss my kiddos, but I'll be ready to wave good-bye. 


We just returned from our annual get together with the Virginia Elementary School (RIP) gang. Although it was rainy and we ended up in Jean and Larry's house and not their camp, the kids (L, N, B, J, and K) all swam and hung out in the hot tub.

VES was small and it had just one hallway, but I had a door to my classroom and a whole wall of windows I could open and close at will. 

We had something unique up there and they're still my people.


rach :) said...

Amazing how important doors become, and walls and windows... glad you're all still getting together. Proof of how important that place was.

Weather Boy said...

Yes, my half year at Virginia was a special time, too.

Congrats on Tipsy; can't wait to meet the new feline.