Friday, June 19, 2009

The Trek Across Maine

Besides a plane reservation, the only thing that gets me up before 5:00 AM, on the second day of summer vacation, is the Trek. Out of the house by 5:15 AM, we drove over to Dave's to pick him up. After stowing his bike safely on the bike carrier, we were off to Sunday River,  sipping coffee, munching on McDonald's and cursing the rainy weather.  

After a picture and a kiss (for Mike) The Cycling Cougars were off. Heading back to the car, I drove back east to the New Page Rest Stop in Rumford, where I served as cheer leader for hundreds of soggy, yet smiling trekkers. 

I got home a couple hours ago...soak and wet, yet so happy. Talk about wonderful people! All them riding in the rain...All of them trying their best...If you see a trekker this weekend, offer them a hot cup of coffee. Noise makers and bells are nice too. "Thanks for Trekking!"

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Amity said...

Thank you for being there when I arrived. It was really great to see a familiar face. I also really appreciate the loan of your warm clothes after the trek.

One of my favorite moments was crossing the bridge where another cheerful face said, "Welcome to beautiful downtown Dixfield!"