Sunday, June 7, 2009

One Of Our New Kitties

A while back we lost our cat Sammy. 

Along with us, Daisy, our other cat,  has missed her.  

Although Daisy'd be the first to admit they had their differences, both cats did get to a point, where hissing and growling became the exception and sharing space was the norm. 

The kitties in the photo will be one of ours. Right now they're six weeks old, so it'll be a couple more weeks. Of course we're excited. Even some our friends Cate and Ben are longing to meet the new kitty.

I'm hoping Daisy and Coach, our dog, are accepting and dare I say, affectionate. 

We'll all be out of school by the time we take 'Mineau" home and we're hoping for harmony in la maison de Nolette. 

If I keep reminding Daisy to be loving, will she be?

In regards in the picture...I like the one furthest to the left. The little guy in the back is taken. Mike likes little Charlie Chaplin. (I am no longer calling him Adolf.)


Mike said...

Whoever comes home. They are one lucky kitty!

A home full of love and an never ending bowl of cat food.

rach :) said...

I like the one on the left; the kids like the one already claimed. Charlie Chaplin certainly has character! We'll love whomever makes it in the front door!