Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's my Birthday

and it's a snow day! It's 8 in the morning, and my hubby just got back from shopping for my birthday dinner and he brought home the cutest little cake...

Growing up, my my mom always made my cakes, so it wasn't until high school or college when I'd have a store cake.  Some think they're terrible, but I love them. My memories of sheet cakes are few from my childhood, but my church would have one every once in a while and I grew to really love them. It's the sweet frosting that makes it.

Once when I was contemplating how I would celebrate my 27th birthday while teaching on Matinicus Island, I mentioned that I would be faxing my grocery oder into Shaw's with a cake on it...My neighbors scoffed, in a friendly way and graciously made one and delivered it over to my house and we had a little impromptu party. 

A cake, whether from a store or a blender brings me happiness. 

But many thanks to my hubby for buying my cake and braving the storm. He's a keeper for sure.


SJ said...

Happy Birthday!

A birthday snow day, I don't think that it can get much better than that. Especially when it hasn't even really started to snow yet.

I too enjoy the store cakes, you are right it is all in the frosting. Enjoy your mini cake!

rach :) said...

That is a great little cake-- how wonderful! And you found yourself a good man there: smart enough to know that birthdays still happen regardless of snow, and the earlier he heads uptown the safer.

Happy birthday, friend. I hope this year brings you all you hope for!

ChiTown Girl said...

Happy Birthday. I think a snow day is the perfect gift!