Saturday, December 6, 2008

Two Cups a Coffee and I'm Ready To Go (Outside?)

It's a sunny morning in Western Maine, but cold. Brrrr! At 24 degrees, it feels especially brisk. 

It's a paradox because February and March will be here soon enough and I'll wish for days like this one when it was a balmy 24 degrees and sunny.

Although I live as happily as I can in Maine, it's with a vitamin D deficiency that plagues most of us in northern hemisphere. It's hard; I get to March and start to have dreams of going tanning, but of course, resist, given the terrible risks. But still, it's the sun I miss in February and March. The temperatures, albeit cold, are old hat by then. 

But let me clarify because I have digressed...I haven't actually been outside yet. My hubby, the sweet, sweet man that he is, actually went to retrieve the paper and let out the dog , as I poured the morning coffee that he made. It's hard life, but somehow I manage. 


rach :) said...

I don't know how you manage either :)

rach :) said...

I'm already longing for 24 degree days!!