Friday, August 22, 2008

Back From Rainbow Ridge

Last night our friends' Joe and Amity's treated us (and over twenty others)  to a  barbeque, bon fire, and great company.

Neily had so much fun chumming around with Freida, the kitty, while Lea enjoyed seeing Joe and Erin, two of her middle school teachers. 

In the crowd were more teachers than not and I gotta say it's fun getting together with your fellow educators. They understand and live the whole summers off arrangement and you don't have to worry about fielding those envious (and annoying) you got the whole summer off inquiries. Although people gladly expounded on their various summer projects, when asked, the vibe was very positive. On summer-time, with fun and relaxation in the night air, we happily celebrated with our friends.

I am choosing to love these last days. 
Thanks Amity and Joe.

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Ms. Beane said...

We loved having your gang. The kitties socialized well into to the night. The local fire warden drove by the next day and gave us the "all clear". All in all a great fiesta.