Monday, September 1, 2008

First week done

 and  I feel pretty good. My seventeen first graders show promise as only a short six year olds can. After a summer of adult interaction,  I always marvel at the diminutive stature of my first graders. I kneel down when engaging in one-on-one dialogue because I am such a giant.

I spent the first week introducing routines and procedures like I said I would. These were paired with easy activities so the students could get comfy with them. 

My self imposed mantra for 2008-09 is  "be ready to learn" so we broke it down. It's a good natured boot camp, this time of year in first grade.

Motivated by the crayon breakers of years past (it's a popular diversion), we focused on using them the right way. We also practiced using our quiet voices because in my open concept school we don't have doors or four walls.

Next week, I'll reinforce these procedures and routines with as much consistency as I can muster. Only one of my students nibbled on a crayon like a carrot, so we're ahead of the game. 


rach :) said...

I've seen the crayon breakers, and the crayon paper peelers, but never a nibbler. It takes all kinds, I guess, even with crayons...

Glad the first week went well.

Katie : said...

I'm with you. It was out in the open (not even hidden), so I was particularly astounded...Yet I managed to whisper my request and say, "Oh no, you didn't."