Monday, August 18, 2008

Back From "The Beach"

So, we returned from the beach today. 

Weather wise, we had two wonderful days. It was sunny and the breeze was warm right off the ocean.

Too hot? No way. As with any day, you take it and make the most of it.

The heat on my feet reminded me of my childhood and how I'd scurry on the hot sand as various family members reclined on towels or frolicked (and screeched) in the waves.

Later on that night in the cottage, I walked down the hallway for bed and I couldn't help but notice how the floors slant and the ceilings don't quite match up to the walls, but at the same time, I thought...Over four generations of my family have padded along the same linoleum, turned off the same lights, and settled into the same bedrooms as the waves crash and the cool wind blows. 

Memories are created with every visit and form a layered quilt that warms you from the inside out. From great Aunt Jane's paintings that hang on our walls and  the darkened photographs of relatives (long since gone), a thin layer of sand on the couch, the floor, and in the bath tub remind you of your blessings.


Brother Joshua, T.O.R. said...

Hey Katie! This is so true... what a blessing that house has been for us through the years. I've really missed being there these last couple summers. You're well? Peace! -Patrick

Katie : said...

I am well, thanks! You're reading me, so cool!!!

James said...

I forgot how well you write. Dig your blog. :)