Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm So Using Laptops With My First Graders!

Seeing my fellow River Valley bloggers and colleagues at Mountain Valley High School for Tech Camp brought a smile to my face today and although the day started early (I got up at 6:30 AM)  I had fun!

The training was more refreshing than I expected. I suspect I'm growing more willing to integrate and utilize technology. It's emerging as a high priority for me and I like  seeing where (and how) it fits into my students'  instruction. 

The training is pretty awesome stuff and as an result, I'm gaining confidence and of course, growing more excited for the school year to start. 

Receiving the training from colleagues who know the challenges of teaching makes it authentic. Teachers teaching teachers ... I love it and can't wait for day 2 tomorrow.

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Ms. Beane said...

I loved Tech 08 as well!!!! It was so positive and collaborative!

I made a wiki for my elementary school kids....but you are more than welcome to "steal" presentations as they are published! We're doing the basics...colors, numbers, alphabet, animals...and if you have a thematic unit, let me know and we will do a presentation for you!