Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My 100 Tidbits

In an effort to follow suit...(Thanks S.J. (VIA Amity) for the idea.)
Here are my 100 Tidbits:

1) I am the oldest of 4 siblings.
2) I learned how to swim at the Y.
3) I changed the spelling of my name in second grade to “Katy” and changed it back to “Katie” in third grade.
4) I named my first cat, Jasmine, after one of my favorite students.
5) For me, Old Orchard beach will always be “The Beach”.
6) I could have popcorn everyday because I love it so much.
7) I decided to be a teacher in third grade.
8) My second grade teacher, Mrs. Doughty, attended my wedding.
9) I love to read biographies.
10) I am starting to love novels just as much.
11) I received fantastic grades in graduate school, but doesn’t everyone?
12) I am a literacy specialist.
13) At 5’8” I am the shortest one in my family.
14) I loved Aruba! (Our honeymoon)
15) I love falling asleep in a tent.
16) I lived in a tent for a summer in 1995.
17) I love my kitty Daisy. She’s a tuxedo cat.
18) We won’t have a kitchen sink tomorrow for six weeks.
19) We are in the midst of remodeling much of our downstairs.
20) If I didn’t try to prevent it, I’d talk or walk in my sleep every night.
21) Once I crawled out the window of my first floor apartment and woke up outside.
22) I’ve had two surgeries on my left eye to repair a detached retina.
23) Try keeping your head down for two weeks. It’s harder than it seems.
24) I love hiking.
25) At Farmington I went backpacking just about every weekend with the Outing Club,
26) I was a vegetarian for a couple of years in college and hated it.
27) I miss Kelli and Ryan who live in Minneapolis!
28) Before I moved to Rumford, I was a member of the Green Party.
29) I love kielbasa.
30) I am half German, half Irish.
31) I took dance classes this year and had fun!
32) First graders rock!
33) I wore my Grandma’s and Mom’s wedding dress on 7/7/07.
34) My sister is getting married in a yurt in October.
35) In junior high, I mowed lawns for extra cash.
36) When my Dad went on strike in the 80’s my siblings and I got a paper route. Every Tuesday we delivered the Coastal Journal.
37) I love Dixfield.
38) Volunteering for the Trek Across Maine was more fun than I thought it’d be.
39) My eyes are light green.
40) I love Mike’s blue eyes.
41) I was born a blondie.
42) The Red Sox is my team.
43) I finally met Amity at Brian’s Bistro.
44) They have good steak tips.
45) I see Beth and Charlie at the Front Porch Cafe almost every time we go there.
46) I am reading the The Birth House by Ami McKay.
47) After I will be reading Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella.
48) Mowing my lawn is satisfying.
49) My stepchildren, Lea and Neil are wonderful.
50) My step-pets Sammy and Coach are great.
51) Daisy and Sammy almost get along now.
52) I am a Ford girl. (One Tempo and two focuses)
53) I was a delegate for Obama.
54) He is my friend on Facebook.
55) I used to live on Matinicus Island.
56) I taught in an one room school there.
57) I’ve driven cross-country three times.
58) I worked at a summer camp in the Puget Sound for three summers.
59) We had an "after party" at Pete’s after the wedding reception concluded. There was a band!
60) We slept in a camper that night. It was a surprise from our friends.
61) Last summer my very good friend, my best friend, and I all got married.
62) I love being tan.
63) I think I am starting to like lobster again.
64) I have always loved clams.
65) I wanted a third kitty, but Mike thought better of it.
66) Maybe after the remodel.
67) I love the color blue.
68) Jacoby would make a great name for a little boy.
69) Not just because of the Red Sox.
70) I love cheese, crackers and pepperoni.
71) Nebraska was cold this February.
72) Better in April. But the Souix Falls, they're not that great.
73) My sister Eileen lives in Toronto with Amos.
74) Amos makes kites.
75) My brothers live in Washington D.C.
76) One is a Franciscan Friar.
77) Grilling makes me happy.
78) I love cake.
79) Snow days make me very happy.
80) I love carrot sticks.
81) I love sugar snap peas.
82) I got through college making pizzas and subs.
83) I was also a writing tutor.
84) I love candy.
85) I never had braces.
86) I used to have a yellow bike with a banana seat.
87) I love bananas. We buy at least two bunches every week.
88) I had my teeth whitened before my wedding.
89) Mike did too.
90) My classroom doesn’t have any windows or doors.
91) I’ve camped in the Badlands and Yellowstone.
92) I once got hypothermic and almost froze to death.
93) I like Worthley Pond when the water warms up in July.
94) I love the ocean on a hot day.
95) I used to love the Brady Bunch.
96) I went to Kings Island, like they did.
97) I remember seeing my Mom lift my sister to a window so we could meet her after she was born. Children weren’t allowed inside as visitors.
98) Then I passed her “Pink Puppy”. That’s my first memory.
99) In college I took as many writing courses as I could.
100)I came to the RiverValley knowing no one. (Look what happened!)


SJ said...

Wow Katie - we have way too many things in common. Popcorn, cats, living in a tent, grad school grades, and the love for candy. Thanks for taking the time to do this and share with us!

rach :) said...

fun reading! Your voice definitely comes through, even in short sentences. It's writing neat?

As soon as I am really feeling better I'll create mine.

Mike said...

101. Mike loves me a lot.

Beth said...

so nice to get to know you--we must go hiking together. We are thinking about the Crockers and Reddington this weekend, are you all up for it?

Beth said...

P.S., I think I walked right in front of your remodelers as they were turning off Park Street this afternoon--I was grooving to my ipod and not paying any attention--they were very polite and backed up to let me by.

Katie said...

Beth, What day are you thinking? Are the Crockers near Sugarloaf? It sounds like fun!

Kelli K. :) said...

I miss Katie and Mike in Dixfield!!! :( Soon...we'll make it back East, I promise!