Friday, June 27, 2008

A Hike

We hike the Crockers and Reddington tomorrow with Beth and Charlie. I am excited for the hike. For good measure, we had stuffed shells and meatballs tonight, so we could carb up. I thought it wouldn't hurt. And besides it proved to be very yummy.

This hike makes me think of college and how the Outing Club often went backpacking. Weekend would come and we'd lead trips all over Maine. Every year we'd manage to hike to places like: Mt. Abraham, Spaulding, Sugarloaf, Saddleback, The Bigelows, and the Crockers.

I'm certainly not the seasoned hiker I used to be, but I believe my friend Brian and I went winter camping in the Crockers. This was when winter camping was my idea of fun. I think I had more meat on my bones then because I can't even imagine how I kept warm enough.

I do remember how we'd gather at Irvings in Farmington. We'd stop in for breakfast and reflect on our most recent hike as we'd recount our time with one another. It must of have been my friends in the Outing Club that kept me coming back. Sharing a passion with's what lif is about. It's what motivates me. (Although I don't think I'll ever regain a desire to sleep in the snow.)


Mike said...
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rach :) said...

I still haven't wrapped my brain around the fun of summer camping, never mind winter... you're a braver woman than I!

Weather Boy said...

We used to just skip the hiking part and go directly to Irving for coffee, warmed tollhouse pie and ice cream. Oh, and talk for hours and hours. Those were good days.