Friday, March 11, 2011

Today was a nice end to a wonderful, hectic week. Although it was a short one due to a snow day (#5 ) on Monday, it was busy. The trimester is coming to an end, so I was up to my ears in DRAs (Developmental Reading Assessment) and other assessments. But amid all the work and grades, we had Jennifer Richard Jacobson spend Thursday and Friday with us. As she talked about "quality details" the students were enthralled...Actually starstruck. It was powerful watching them listen to her presentation as she told stories from her childhood and how they serve as ideas and themes in her books. Jennifer was complimentary of our school and sadly, it caught some of us (teachers) off guard. This time of year is hard...It's approaching "mud season" and the snow is melting...which triggers a host of worries because we're on a hill and leaking is an annual problem. Water used to seep into our library every year without fail, until the drainage was re-dug but sadly, it's leaking again upstairs and the conference room downstairs has moisture rolling down the wall. Irregardless, we were blessed to have such a sweet visitor who refocused my attention on the dryer things.

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