Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow Day #4

and it's the last day of February...

In celebration...I'm feeling the need for a list.

My top ten favorite things about February:

1. Snow days...No surprise there!

2. February vacation...Very restful! Especially with an extra day tacked on...because of our snow day!

3. The shortest month of the year...Twenty-eight days this year.

4. Anticipating day light savings...March 13th can't come soon enough.

5. Conversation Hearts...I'd eat them year around, and although my teeth would't appreciate it, my tummy would love it.

6. Avoiding the scale for the time being. Something about my last birthday (and maybe those conversation hearts) have expanded my rump. I'm just buying bigger pants and accepting it.

7. Reading smut...nothing troublesome, but interesting enough to escape and embrace my inner fan girl.

8. Making tracks in the back yard on my cross country skis. I've even managed to ski around the block a few times during our recent snow storms. Only a couple kids gawked at me.

9. Watching the snow fall from my window. I wonder how many storms are waiting in the wings?

10. Trying this yummy recipe from The Pioneer Woman.


Mike said...

And your husband loves you more than he did at the beginning of the month.

Katie said...

Thanks sweetie. I love you tons.