Saturday, February 12, 2011

Since I last wrote...

we've had two more snowdays, an early release, and an hour delay...

all because of snow.(I could never be a snow bird.)

Happily for me, the weather has been snowier than last year.

There is something about an active weather pattern that gets me through.

Since I last wrote, my first graders and I celebrated groundhog day

(a day late due to a snowday) and day 100!

From here, it's down hill and although we continue to count onto

one hundred seventy-five,I mentally count back from seventy-five

and relish in the peace that comes with making it to one hundred.

It was a chilly -10 degree fahrenheit on Friday morning.

The cold temperatures feel colder than last year but I bought new boots this

year, so I'm fairing fine.

Aren't Bogs cute? They're very warm.


Sarah (SJ) said...

Katie, I bought those SAME boots this week! And I got them for 1/2 off. I have seriously looked at every boot in the state of Maine searching for the perfect boot. Are yours the same as the ones in the picture?

Katie said...

Yes, they are and I couldn't be happier.