Monday, June 7, 2010

Walking Along

better than ever.

Since I last posted there's been a trip to Walt Disney World, visits with my little niece Frances (who isn't so little anymore), gardening, and the hub-bub of my first grade classroom that picks up in May and shocks me every year.

Although I reserve the right to loop back around and expound at's the run down of where my brain is. I warn you; I'm taking this as it comes. I have enough topics to last me a while...(So stayed tuned for more posts.)

The trip to WDW was busy, fun, and warm. We're Mainers... so wearing shorts and running the air conditioner everyday in mid April is always AWESOME.

Seeing the fireworks in front of Cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom remains a memory of flashing lights and exploding bangs -all to music, magically choreographed. Although WDW is a middle class mecca, sharing space with that many people as the sky lit up above us was unifying.

Looking back on it, I figured I'd be lacking for for my own space and overwhelmed with the sheer population of people milling around me, but with minor adjustments here and there, I managed quite nicely.

A saving grace included having an accommodating spouse who willingly watched the kids as they picked out their flags, tee shirts, mugs, and toe socks. Outside of the gift shops, the people watching was superb.

Although not as superb as the people in this photo!

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rach :) said...

Those are some pretty superb people, just like the author of this blog.