Monday, March 29, 2010

Soon, soon, soon...

we'll be vacationing in Disney World. After some figuring, rearranging and generosity (thanks Memere and Pepere), we decided the time was right for this trip. Come Wednesday, it'll be 17 days and we'll be on the plane for the sunshine state. We are staying in the park for six days and we're excited.

Other trips will certainly take place in the future that will allow us to travel to D.C. or Montreal to see my brothers and sister's family.

Just think... when we get back from Florida, it'll be the end of April and we'll be on the final stretch of school.

Today was a nice Monday and to think there are only ten left is crazy.


rach :) said...

Are you even kidding me that there are only 10 Monday's left in the year? That is a frightening statistic!

Katie said...

That's the number, if I'm right. (I only counted the Mondays we go to school on.)

Meg said...

I'm sending some information and a guide book over to Mike. Most important is for you guys to have a plan when you hit the parks. I'm pretty sure Mike has not been (or at least it's been a while). Have you been to Disney lately? Take a look at the planning materials and the guidebook. (It's a 2009, but it should still be helpful.) There are touring plans there, and they can be very helpful. Feel free to email me id f you have any questions!