Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It's time again for a brief post. Current temperature is 22 degrees...

Wait a minute! I wish that were the case! It's actually 6 degrees and the temperatures are forecasted to drop down to -8 overnight.

I began this post a couple days ago and I was in a bit of a funk...Mostly caused by the frigid January temperatures...But right now 22 degrees (with no wind) doesn't sound too bad. What was I thinking? (Maybe it was that birthday of mine?)

Currently the wind is rattling the house and the furnace is running non-stop.

I'm left jonesing for nicer weather. I want to read a book in my hammock. I want to lie on the green grass at Rach and Dave's house where the ground rumbles when the kids run by. I want to sit at the beach and run my fingers through the warm sand.

Either that or a snowstorm...We live in Maine after all and tracking a good snowstorm is fun stuff. Cold, windy weather isn't.

Oh well, there's a lesson here. Things aren't nearly as bad as you sometimes feel.

Until I post again, I'll be keeping it in prospective because you never know what mother nature has in store.



Amity said...

We are ripe for a good snow day. I also have a craving for warmth, though.

rach :) said...

Boy noticed grass as we left the house this am for archery and skiing. The days are getting longer... and I know you can make it through.