Friday, June 26, 2009

Haircuts and Thunderstorms

On this day, one of the last in June...I sit and contemplate summertime, as one by one, the normal things happen.  The normal things that make me happy and reinforce my calling to be a teacher (who gets her summers to herself).

First, I got a haircut this morning and returned to my original hair color. 
The haircut usually coincides with the onset of humid weather. Six inches were chopped off.
Returning to my roots, sort to speak, after highlighting for five years, was something different, but change is good.

Second, we had our first set of thunderstorms roll in. A few claps and strikes were observed. No hail in Dixfield, but it rained quite hard for about forty-five minutes. Now the trees have that familiar sparkle of glistening raindrops on the leaves and the sun is poking out of the clouds. 

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rach :) said...

The storm was pretty impressive. We also caught parts of last night's storm. Summer has definitely arrived!