Sunday, May 31, 2009


It's been a while, and I've been pondering Katieland. 

Why  bother to blog if you're not making the time to write? 

One reason...

I'm an introvert and always mulling something over. 

Katieland works out to be a good place for those thoughts and feelings. 

Sometimes things come out that I don't even plan on. 

Katieland is my own parking garage for over seventy vehicles.

And they need a safe place. 

Sometimes I get mired in the process of creating an entry.

Thinking I need to be profound and lengthy. 

But I'm letting it go because I can.

There are some other things in my life that are harder to let go. 

They create pressure and stress.

I attempt to deal with those things and sometimes I'm successful. 

And sometimes I'm not. 

Katieland is my own Gateway Garage. 

So while I may profound, it'll be OK if I'm not. 

After all, Katieland is me.


rach :) said...

It is you, and we enjoy every post.

Mike said...

I like having a permanent pass to the garage.