Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Have I Been Doing?

Part Two:

2. I've been dancing my little legs off as I try to master wings (and other quick moving steps) so I can be ready for my three numbers in the upcoming recital. To prepare, the month of April is always filled with extra dance rehearsals where the halls
of Miss Patty's School of Dance are crazy loud with parents and dancers of all ages milling about, waiting to be lined up to practice their numbers.

I'm a sucker for extra practice time. Humiliation is a particularly good motivator. Whether I'm at Sally's, on my driveway or playground duty and even shopping at Hannaford with their long isles, and snazzy music, I 'm a believer in the saying that practice makes perfect. Although I am not suggesting I'm perfect...Just a hard worker with a goal to have fun.

Of course I'm acutely aware that on May 1 and 2, I'll be on stage with my fellow dancers, strutting my stuff with a smile (hopefully). Stay tuned for photos in the coming weeks. Proof that this gal can wear sequins.


rach :) said...

Wing away! If you want another practice partner, just say so! And I know you will be fine come next weekend. No question in my mind.

Katie said...

Thanks Rach!