Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Cold,

yet, I love the fact that the sun is shining longer and warmer. 
Lately the sun's been sitting higher in the sky and I need sunglasses more often than not. When I leave school, the car isn't as cold as it was in December. At supper time,  I  walked over to Ellis' for sour cream (because I can't have tacos without it) and it was still light out.  I'll take it because it's like we're approaching the top of the mountain and you've got to keep trudging up the front side of the ridge. I'm trying to celebrate the little changes along the way because the change of seasons is always gradual here and it's the subtle things that add up. Although I expect (and want) more snow, I'm beginning to anticipate the trip down the other side and it's a  sweet reminder of why I live in Maine. 

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rach :) said...

Except for the one gust of wind that almost knocked me over, today was one of those days I don't mind having to walk between buildings for lunch. It's a good time of year for sure.