Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home is Where the Heart is

In celebration of  Valentine's Day and our winter birthdays, which are a week apart (Dec 30 and Jan 7), Mike and I decided we'd take some time away during February break. (We're both teachers, so we get this week off!) We coordinated things so it'd be a non-kid weekend, called around for a room in Portland, made plans to see a matinee on the way, arranged for doggie day care with Aunt Marsha, and we were on our way...

We saw He's Just Not That Into You. Although it would have been the perfect flick to see with my friend Kelli, who lives in Minneapolis, it turned out more than OK for Mike and he actually enjoyed it. 

I read the book back when I single and a bit stuck, so I especially looked forward to it. On my meandering path to become Mike's girl, the book remains a corner piece to our puzzle. 

After we headed south to Portland, where we checked into our hotel room and got dolled up for our dinner. 

Long story short, get reservations on Valentine's Day in Portland or you'll end up at Denny's enjoying a sampler plate. And another word to the wise,  just wear the comfy clothes you normally wear, or you'll end up changing out of  your fancy duds after you've been rejected by every restaurant you've tried...Even Zachary's, where you're staying the night!  

As we sat at our booth, talking, people watching and noticing that interesting people frequent Denny's on VD, I couldn't help but reflect on MikeandKatieland. 

He's Just Not That Into You had been one of the few things we had planned ahead on for our evening away.  Living in rural Maine, movies have been a constant for us. We don't go all the time or anything, but sometimes it's the only option, so even when we were friends we'd make our way to Bethel to see a flick. Five years ago, we were at the movies and Mike rattled on about moving away. MOVE AWAY?! I asked him to stop at Rite Aid, so I could buy some Excedrin.  Talk about a well-timed headache.  Sometimes they send you a message and you've got to put it on the table.  Unless you're at Denny's, where they don't serve relish. 


rach :) said...

I'm so glad that moving away thing didn't work out...and MikeandKatieLand did :)

Kelli K. :) said...

He's Just Not That Into was definitely the perfect Katie/Kelli movie...I also went to see it with the hubby. He actually enjoyed it as well! We decided to eat in and cook a fancy meal at home for V-Day...even got all dressed up!