Monday, November 24, 2008

Kindness Counts!

It's short week for us, with only Monday and Tuesday with students, so tomorrow is like our Friday!

We're rapidly approaching the end of the trimester one, so I'm planning strategically and things are busy, busy, busy. 

At one point, as my students were busily completing their "now and then" assessment at varying success rates, I made a vow to do better next trimester, so that I could avoid this rush for the end of trimester two.

Despite the busy nature of the day, one of my students made my day and warmed my heart! Without the usual prompting a first grade teacher naturally engages in, she complimented the art work of two other students in a way that was so cute and genuine. Then when we got back to the classroom, out popped another kind comment AGAIN. For a day that had everything to do with finishing academic tasks, I got to pat my first grade friend on the back and say way to go! 

I love Mondays, or should I say, Thursday?

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rach :) said...

Ah, those are the moments that keep a busy teacher going!!! Nice!