Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween is Done!

So we had our annual Halloween parade yesterday at my school and let me tell you,  it was quite a thing. The kids came to school in their costumes jacked up and ready to march. At precisely 8:15 AM, we began to string through the classrooms. Parents lined the hallways and many had cameras in hand. There were actually a couple tripods and Nikons too, which surprised the socks off me. (The region of Maine I teach in is economically challenged to say the least, so I can't explain it.)

This teacher plastered a good natured smile on her face and the kids finally ended up in the gym marching in a big circle and then we did it all over again, back up to our classroom, waving to the parents and looking at the camera.

Needless to say, our return to the classroom was an  exciting one as kids found their desks, took off costumes, washed off face make up (Thank God we have a sink in our room!) and resettled themselves. (Yea, right!) Of course a few parents hung around and I read the another Halloween story. Which despite my tone, I didn't mind...Holiday books are often 
well- connected to the season and have a structure that lends itself to interesting books talks.

The parents departed by 9:00 AM, and we tried to pick up our normal routine, but obviously the kids still rattled and hummed with the excitement of it all.  In terms of exuberance, Halloween ranks close to Christmas.

Despite my willing participation and ample tolerance of the parade (I like seeing past students in their costumes!) this teacher is glad it's done. 

Winter holidays, here we come!



Kelli K. :) said...

How sweet was it to happen on a Friday? A teacher's dream really! We were not allowed to do costumes this year and everything stayed very low key in terms of celebrating...but was there a lot of electricity in the air! I was happy to send them on their way to the real deal!

SJ said...

Reason number 126,745 why I teach middle school: no Halloween parade.