Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Trip To Oregon

Last weekend, the whole family ventured cross country to see my sister, Eileen and her companion, Amos be married in Beverly State Park, Oregon. 

The pacific northwest was its usual rainy self, except during Amos and Eileen's vows when the sun broke through the clouds and made a brief and magical appearance. 

Afterwards everyone flew hand-made kites and when the emerging tide dictated our exit from the beach, we retreated to a big meeting yurt E and A rented for the reception. There we enjoyed ourselves with some fun food, drink, and homemade wedding cake as we waited for the pig (done cuban style on a spit) to finish roasting. It would take ten hours and was worth every minute.  I especially loved the grilled tuna I feasted on as I waited.

To top it off,  when I returned to my first graders on Tuesday, I got  a good report from the sub. Had I not been coming down with a cold, I would have done a dance for my little buggers. 

It was a whirl wind trip that included surprisingly positive and reliable forms of transportation. I'd highly recommend Southwest airlines. It sounds stupid, but I appreciated being able to choose my free snack and non-alcoholic drink (and it wasn't peanuts or pretzels) and I actually got two of them from Chicago/Midway to Portland. I also loved the stewards. One of them actually sang to us as she welcomed us to the west coast. And she had the voice to do so, so it wasn't an embarrassing attempt to suck up to passengers.

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rach :) said...

I'm so glad both your brothers made it to the wedding! Very cool!

We love Southwest too. Cheaper to start, and the flight attendants seem way happier than any others. We had peanuts delivered early on one flight-- they dumped the box in the front of the isle and let them fall as the plane took off. Happiness goes a long way.

Glad you're back in 207!