Friday, October 17, 2008

Firsts Come When You Least Expect Them

This morning Mike left early for his ACTEM conference and pulled the car out of the garage on his way out. He's sweet that way and never reminds me of the time I backed out and broke off his side mirror when we were dating. (It's a small garage.)

Being Friday and all, I lingered longer than usual over the paper and on my way out to the car, I notice the motor wasn't running. 

In the car,  the keys are in the ignition and the gage is on empty. Predictably, the engine doesn't engage when I turn the key. 

After a few more tries, I get out of the car. My mind is racing!  What a pickle I'm in. I walk over to  my next store neighbor, who actually teaches with me, and see that she is gone because it's LATE. 

I call my secretary at school to share the nature of my tardiness. At this point my kids are probably five minutes from coming into an empty room. Serious stuff in elementary school land, but I ask her to get coverage and  I'll somehow solve my conflict and get to school as soon as possible.

By a taxi!

"Courtesy Cab" has long transported some of my students to and from school, but I got to experience the privilege today. A first for me, in Western Maine anyway.  

The driver told me they 've been around for forty-five years! The driver, who's name I didn't get, was respectful of my desire to keep relatively quiet, but responded to my questions on how many runs he does on a normal morning (4-5) and how many taxi companies (3-4) there are in the River Valley. Who knew?  

All-in-all, not too bad and for ten dollars (after tip), and I got to work. 


rach :) said...

Oh my! I'm sure the secretary enjoyed getting coverage for that one...if this ever happens again, call me at school and you can borrow the van, although I was also in Augusta today, so I hope you didn't think of this solution to have it fall flat.

ChiTown Girl said...

What a crappy way to start your Friday! Glad it all worked out in the end. Just to be nosey, why don't you and your neighbor carpool, especially with gas as expensive as it is these days? Just curious...or is that nosey? ;-)

SJ said...

I will echo Rach, you can always call the middle school and borrow the sporty WRX as long as you promise to keep it under 100 mph and keep all four tires on the road!

Katie : said...

Thanks for the offers!

SJ-I'd have to exercise serious restraint if I were to take you up on your generous offer.

Chitown girl-I know I should, you're right.