Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Little Road Trip

A couple weeks ago our friends Mark and Stephanie announced they were giving us Jack Johnson tickets for our anniversary. Naturally we were pretty psyched; Mark and Stephanie are warm, positive people who regularly grace us with their generosity, but it was also poignant because our first song after being married was Better Together.

So, Wednesday, Mike and I headed down to Waterboro, Maine, to connect up with our friends(and various members of Stephanie's large Greek family) to caravan. As we cruised along, the torrential rains pummeled our car with such force I wondered if we were endangering our safety, but finally, we got to Mark and Steph's hotel, in Pawtucket.

After dinner at
The Ground Round where all thirteen of us managed to get super service from a young girl with a thick Rhode Island accent (Steph translated a few times), the adults headed out to Jack Johnson, with the girls left behind to count the hours until The Jonas Brothers concert the next day.

After a wonderful (and dry!) concert, we parted ways for our parking lot. Being the thrifty people we are, Mike and I opted not to pay the thirty dollars for quick exit parking. Mark and Steph did and a call from them confirmed it wasn't false advertising. A mere fifteen minutes was all it took for them to make it to the highway. For Mike and I, it took well over an hour to travel a tenth of a mile...which means the scenery doesn't change and you get real acquainted with those around you.

Well after 1:00 AM, we made it to Sharon, MA, and settled into our Holiday Inn Express thinking...
In times like these what will be, will be and so it goes.

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