Monday, August 4, 2008

July was Done Right and August is Here

I give everything to my profession and by the end of the school year, I am so ready for to take a break from teaching.

July swallows up every school thought I have and although it's a relief, I admit that I'm growing excited to return to my little first graders.

I've taught for over twelve years, so I've got a tool kit of fixes and fun activities to reacquaint with, and it feels promising...much like my early days of teaching did, but without all the question marks.

August is an awakening. I do the run-through and reorient myself on teaching strategies, classroom procedures (first graders benefit from structure for everything) and the holiest of scriptures, the daily schedule.

I weigh my options and prioritize. (More on this later!)

So it's time to let the school marm out for another school year.

I'm ready to get ready. But first I'm going school shopping; Mrs. Nolette needs some dress up clothes!


SJ said...

It seems as though all of the teachers are ready to get back to school. It is refreshing to get excited about all of it again.

rach :) said...

Boy tentatively asked the "When does school start" question this week. He was not happy with the answer, nor were we to give it. We'll all be fine once it comes around, but I plan on cherishing the next 2 weeks!!!