Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Top Eight

1. Mild and windy weather. (I scraped the car windows once.)

2. Forty-three student days that flew by with one hundred thirty-two to go.

3. Early bedtimes that restore me.

4. Long hours at school that remind me of my beginnings when I taught on Matinicus and immersed myself in meeting the needs of my one room school house.

5. A husband who has dinner ready when I get home late.

6. Tomatoes still ripening on the window sill with some in a shoe box on the pantry floor.

7. Contemplating a move to Canada if Paul LePage is elected governor.

8. Wondering if the power of prayer could alleviate the possibility of #7.


ChiTown Girl said...

Great list! I'm actually a little jealous that you got to scrape your windows. ;-)

rach :) said...

Let's hope #8 works...