Sunday, October 17, 2010

craving, doing, thankful for...

From my friends Rachel and Amity


another trip to Disney World. I'm hoping we make this happen in a couple years before my step daughter graduates high school. Our last trip to WDW was a week of unplugged magic. (We left the laptops at home.)


my plan book for a week with my first grade friends. With a well-planned week, I hope to do more than keep my head above water. Last week I struggled to tread water, and this week, I aim to swim... if even the doggie paddle. I remain positive and realistic on the state of affairs in my classroom.

thankful for:

my family, two cats, and dog who love and need me.
my niece who turns one on November 2 and is learning sign language.
my friends who feed me literally and figuratively.

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rach :) said...

likewise, my friend. likewise...

thanks for playing!