Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Color of Sunday

is white with clouds & drizzle all day.
Ironically it was steamy and summer-like in Maine yesterday.

This picture was taken at my family's cottage in Old Orchard Beach in late August. It wasn't very warm. Hence my niece, Frances wore her leg warmers. (*Swoon*)

These two always take the drear away.


ChiTown Girl said...

It's been rainy here all day, too. Unfortunately, the barometric pressure today has been doing a doozy on my head. I've been fighting a migraine since the moment it woke me up at 6am. :(

ChiTown Girl said...

Last year, we went on a year-round school schedule, so we don't get a traditional summer vacation. We get a six-week break, and because I taught summer school this summer (which was 6 weeks long!) I had NO break. I haven't had a break since our spring break last March.

There are 5 different year-round tracks here in Chicago. The one my school is on is the easiest to follow. They basically took 4 weeks away from our summer break, and spread them out during the year. We get a 2-week 'fall intersession' now, then they add a week to our Christmas break (making it 3 weeks!) and a week to our spring break (making it 2 weeks). However, we still have to go until the end of June, just like all the other city schools that are not on a year-round schedule.

Phew! Aren't you sorry you asked!? ;-)

Katie said...

No, I'm not sorry at all. (O: It's all very interesting. Do you like the new year around schedule?