Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tippy and I Relaxing On Another Rainy Day...What Else Is New?

As I uploaded this photo, the sun decided to make an appearance, 
so Mike & I are going for a walk while we can. 


On our walk, we encountered rain, so we had to cut our walk a little short. 

 I honestly can't remember the last time the sky was totally blue and the sun felt hot on my skin. 

I hope, hope, hope for better weather!


Nic said...

It's lovely outside here in the River Valley today, I hope the sun found you guys where ever you are.I'm pleased to say that there is more than one picture of the sun on my ten day weather forecast as well. We'll see... Take care -- Nic

rach :) said...

I'd heard rumor of sun back home... hope you are hot, hot, hot!

Mike's comments are turned off (?) but tell him maybe our leaving town is a sign of better things to come. Half full, you know!

miss you all