Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's snowing again

and I don't mind. Plus, it's snow day # 4 and I don't hide that I love them.

Although I sometimes lament the cold temperatures, and the blustery snow can whirl around in the air more than I care for, I live in Maine for the very reason that we have four distinct seasons.  

More or less, when winter comes you can count on it being cold and snowy. For those people who complain about the inclement weather year after year, I remain puzzled at why they live here. Even the most mild of winters render precipitation of all kinds and plummeting temperatures. 

So, bottom line, I won't be moving anytime too soon. Bring on the snow! 

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KGMom said...

Katie--thanks for stopping by my place.
Oh, I am so glad to read about someone who likes snow. I keep saying "we need to move to Maine."
For some reason, here in central PA, we have been missed by every snow fall this winter. In its place we get ice or rain and rain and more rain. I keep saying I WANT SNOW!