Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve

It's my first day of Christmas break and I managed to sleep in this morning. I've anticipated freezing rain all day long, but it's not here yet. I hope the impending weather doesn't keep us from church at 4:00 and our friends house in Peru later. They graciously invited us to celebrate with them. They're really like an extended family, like our tribe and I am looking forward to our time with them.

Yesterday was a half day for us at school. This called for precision, but fun prevailed of course. We had an abbreviated morning meeting and then I gave them their holiday cards. I had five different cards and they formed small groups by finding the people with their card. I passed out santa searches after they reread their cards in their groups. (Of course I had a hand in creating optimal groups!) They were amazingly involved with their santa searches. (It was a sight!)

Then at 9:30, we had our holiday party because with lunch being served at 10:40 AM, we had to.

Our early lunch time, necessitated a 10:30 dress time because after lunch, I brought my first grade friends outside. (They have to get their snow pants/snowsuits on before lunch. Hats and mittens get stuffed in their pockets. Coats are taken off prior to eating, so they're comfy.) We don't always go out on early release days, but with such an early lunch and a 11:55 dismissal, we had the time. 

Outside, I proceeded to come to the rescue of one of my friends who got stuck in a tall snow bank and subsequently lost a boot. (He went inside after. There was panic, crying and cold feet to fix.) Unfortunately I had my flats on and no snow pants, but icicles extended from the building's sloping roof in such a way that I was worried the impending sunlight might make for an even bigger problem for my avalanched friend. 

So all my friends left me at noon and I proceeded to a holiday party at a local  restaurant where a good time was had by all.


It's started. The snow fell for a bit, and now it looks like freezing drizzle. I'm crossing my fingers our plans don't get changed.

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rach :) said...

Me too. If this event gets canceled due to weather, I'll be sadder than any other night of the year.

I'm so glad you're joining us this year!!!