Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Floor is Being Installed!

As I speak, our friend Mark is installing our wood floor and it looks awesome. Mike's been helping him since yesterday evening when Mark arrived around 4:30 PM. We are really lucky to have such wonderful friends who share their talents and expertise with us.

We bought the flooring at his parent's store in Sanford last week and it was one of the easiest decision we've made for our remodel. We were prepared for a challenge as some of our decisions have taken multiple store visits and negotiations (like with the hanging lights), but it took probably five minutes to find an oak floor that matched our existing floor in the living room.

As each new aspect of our remodel is completed; I grow more excited. This is becoming OUR HOME. It's been an arduous process at times, but I look around and it's really becoming ours.

Your connections matter and Mark's generosity is particularly touching. He's been Mike's friend since junior high and they enjoy a wonderful friendship. They've played fantasy baseball for close to twenty years!

We'll see Mark and his wife Stephanie later on in August when we go and see Jack Johnson with them. It's actually an anniversary gift they've given us. Incredible!

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