Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Comes to an End

As July wraps up, I find myself reflecting on the highlights:

*A house remodel that is a week and a half from completion. At this point, trim is being added around windows and doors and our vision is taking shape. Although we are still staining and polyurethaning like crazy, the end is in sight. Our house is our really house now and I like the feeling.

*Our friend Pete's 4th of July Party where we reconnected with our dear friends and I rediscovered my love of singing around the campfire. A Sierra Nevada or two makes it a lot easier for me to belt 'em out.

*Our family vacation to Martha's Vineyard where we celebrated our first "blended-versary" with a slice or two of our defrosted, yet still, tasty wedding cake! As a self proclaimed cake lover, nothing could have tickled me pinker! I half expected the cake to be gross, but it wasn't. Butter cream frosting rocks God's green earth.

*Our annual pilgrimage to the Bluegrass Festival in Ossipee Valley, where as usual, the sun shone hot on our skin and we had our fun with our tribe of close friends.

*Seeing Kelli, who visited from Minnesota. I miss her bunches, so an opportunity to see my Kelli always makes me happy.

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rach :) said...

And today you're off on some more summer fun-- at least it's carrying over into August! :)